Key Indicators for Cardamon Mountains

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1. From Mountains to Mangroves

The Cardamom Mountains landscape is extremely diverse, ranging from evergreen forest in the mountains to large mangrove areas along the coast.

2. High Level of Endemism

The Cardamom Mountains have one of the highest levels of endemism in the GMS, including many threatened species such as the Siamese Crocodile.

3. Southern Coastal Corridor

Road 48 is being upgraded to connect the industrial and trade hubs in the Chao Praya and the Mekong deltas. Large concessions as well as smaller-scale land grabbing are increasingly encroaching into and fragmenting the forest.

4. Cambodia's only Sea Port

Sihanoukville is Cambodia's only sea port and export hub and is within one hour's drive of the Cardamom Mountain forests. This proximity significantly increases pressure on precious woods and endangered species.

5. Value Recognized

A large part of the area is protected by national parks (3), wildlife sanctuaries (3) and protected forests (2). Law enforcement and proper land use planning and management remains a challenge and compromises several of the protected areas.

6. Bridging the Gap

The mountain forests in the north are facing disconnection from the lowland forests and mangroves in the south. CEP established a biodiversity corridor to reconnect the area, which is now being upscaled with the help of a US$ 20 million grant provided by the ADB.

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