Key Indicators for Eastern Plains Dry Forest

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1. Last Remaining Dry Broadleaf Forest

The Eastern Plains in Cambodia is the last remaining patch of tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forest that formerly stretched as far as Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

2. Rich Megafauna

The area is famous for its large mammals, including Asian elephants, Gaur, Banteng, tigers and clouded leopards.

3. Energy Source

The area has considerable hydropower potential. Several large developments are planned for the northern part of the landscape (Srepok 2-4, Sesan 2-3), and the area plays an important role in regional power trade and interconnectivity.

4. Converging Corridors

Important economic corridors are converging in and near this landscape, most notably the Southern and Central corridors. The development of feeder roads connects local communities, but also puts considerable pressure on the landscape.

5. Active Conservation Community

Many large conservation NGO's work actively on the ground helping Cambodia to protect its natural capital. Innovative carbon financing work was piloted in this landscape and adjacent areas (e.g. PACT).

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