Key Indicators for Sino-Vietnam Karst

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1. Unique Landscape

This Karst area is characterized by a unique surface and subterranean geomorphology, forming a diverse and visually impressive landscape. This creates many niche habitats for rare species, including the Cao-Vit gibbon.

2. Outstanding Universal Value

The Sino-Vietnamese Karst Landscape is part of the South China Karst formation which has been been recognized by UNESCO for its "outstanding universal value" and declared a World Heritage Site.

3. Monoculture

Large areas of the landscape has been converted to sugar cane plantations, with original species pushed back to the hills. This disconnect makes it increasingly difficult for species to maintain healthy and wide-ranging populations.

4. Recreating Habitats

Restrictions on land use in the area creates an important opportunity to reconnect Karst hills. An example is the Cao Bang - Jingxi biodiversity corridor that re-establishes a habitat for gibbons and other threatened species.

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Quick Facts

People and economy

Indicator Year
Area of Transboundary Biodiversity Landscape (TBL) 20095,848,840 hectares
Area of Transboundary Biodiversity Landscape (TBL) 200954,488
Population 201018,620,900 people
Population density (average) 2010318 people per
Population density (highest) 201011,314 people per

Environment and Natural Resources

Indicator Year
Protected Areas 200936 area(s)
Protected Area 20097 percent of total TBL area
Protected Area 20094,325
Protected Area perimeter 20092,485 km
Protected Area Compactness Index 20092 area / perimeter
Key Biodiversity Areas 200929 area(s)
Key Biodiversity Areas 20094,702
Key Biodiversity Areas 20098 percent of total TBL area

Energy, tourism and transport

Indicator Year
Major hydro-power dams 20097 existing dams
Major hydro-power dams 20094 planned dams
Tourism sites 200940 site(s)
Major tourism sites 20092 site(s)

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