Key Indicators for Tri-Border Forest

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1. Untouched Forests

Located in the border triangle of Lao PDR, Cambodia and Viet Nam, this forest was long exposed to civil war which limited the use of the area for large scale land conversion and commercial logging. As a result the forest in the area is still largely pristine.

2. Refuge for Theatened Species

Due to the isolation, many rare and endangered species still survive in this area, including tiger, sun bear, gaur and giant ibis.

3. Development Pressures

The area has recently become accessible from three large economic corridors (East-West, Central, Southern). This has increased pressure not only on precious timber, but also on rare species which are often poached for parts used in traditional Chinese medicine (e.g. sun bear gall bladder).

4. Organic Agriculture

The landscape covers part of the Bolaven Plateau, one of Lao PDR's prime areas for organic coffee production. In recent years, Lao coffee has quickly established itself a name for quality coffee and is now marketed world wide.

5. Ecotourism Potential

The area is not only rich in forest and biodiversity, but has several large cultural and natural attractions, including the Mekong rapids, Si Phan Don (4000 Islands), war relics, and the ancient Khmer Temple Wat Phou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Quick Facts

People and economy

Indicator Year
Area of Transboundary Biodiversity Landscape (TBL) 20092,002,420 hectares
Area of Transboundary Biodiversity Landscape (TBL) 200920,024
Population 2010544,057 people
Population density (average) 201027 people per
Population density (highest) 20102,290 people per

Environment and Natural Resources

Indicator Year
Protected Areas 20095 area(s)
Protected Area 200940 percent of total TBL area
Protected Area 20097,930
Protected Area perimeter 20091,164 km
Protected Area Compactness Index 20097 area / perimeter
Key Biodiversity Areas 200913 area(s)
Key Biodiversity Areas 200913,054
Key Biodiversity Areas 200965 percent of total TBL area

Energy, tourism and transport

Indicator Year
Major hydro-power dams 20090 existing dams
Tourism sites 20095 site(s)

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