Estimate Industrial Pollution

Uploaded on 26 January 2016

The attached files can be used to calculate estimates of key air, water and toxic pollutants emitted by a countries' manufacturing sector. In combination with location information, the model results provide critical information needed to better target pollution control efforts and budgets. 

The Industrial Pollution Projection System (IPPS) was developed to estimate the emissions of key pollutants from the manufactoruing sector in countries were pollution control is patchy or doesn't exist. A central component of the IPPS is the International Standard Industrial Code (ISIC) which describes the type of activity of an enterprise which are linked specific pollution coefficients. However, IPPS was developed in 1992 using ISIC Rev.2, while present enterprise databases use the more recent ISIC Rev.4 codes. The attached ISIC compatibility matrix (Rev4 to Rev3.1 to Rev2) can signficiantly reduce the conversion effort and risk of conversion errors. The package also includes the IPPS pollution coefficients to run with 4-digit ISIC codes. 

Citation: ISIC conversion matrix: GMS Environment Operations Center (; IPPS coefficients: Hettige, Hemamala, Paul Martin, Manjula Singh and David Wheeler, "The Industrial Pollution Projection System (IPPS)," Policy Research Department Working Paper 1431, World Bank, Washington, D.C., March 1995.

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