Project Possible Land Use Change

Uploaded on 27 August 2017

The CLUMondo land use change model is a new and innovative stand-alone software to calculate the effect of land demand scenarios on land conversion in the future.

CLUMondo is one of the most frequently used land use change models globally, allowing the spatially-explicit preview of potential future land conversion in response to different land demand scenarios. The Core Environment Program commissioned the development of this new version of the software to improve functionality, usability and uptake in the GMS. Key improvements include: (i) a completely new graphical user interface, (ii) full integration of the statistical analysis (no more need for external, proprietary software), (iii) integration of a new land/ecosystem services demand module, and (iv) ability to show results directly without the need to export to a GIS. The model is provided free of charge.

Citation: See ‘About’ section of the model software.

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What's new in CLUMondo model version 1.4.0  (January 2017) ?
          - New sampling tool for regression analysis
          - User interface tweaks and bug fixes

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